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Security Optimzation Through Refactoring Of Wireless Access Points (WAP) And Switches

Replacement of WAP with configurable CISCO and Extreame Networks enterprise grade WAPs, switches, etc. with configuration for performance and granular security.

Migration of On-Premise Legacy Applications (Including ERP) To Cloud

Migration of ERP and related software platforms from on-premise blade servers to Micrsoft Azure Based Cloud Infrastructure with security tightening to the cloud infrastructure through dedicated tunnelling from the Cloud to the on-premise Firewall for restricted access. ERP applications can only be effectively accessed within the office infrastructure with through the office infrastructure with designated computing devices only.

Enterprise Grade CheckPoint Firewall Implementation And Tightening Of Security At Granular Level

Design, Implementation, Management and Support of Enterprise Grade CheckPoint Firewall to one of the top Destination Management Companies in Sri Lanka

Enterprise Grade Palo Alto Firewall Implementation And Tightening Of Security At Granular Level

Replacement of enterprise grade Fortinet firewalls with single Palo Alto firewall with advance features.

Redesign and Implementation of Entire Enterprise Network Infrastructure From Ground Up

Redesign and implementation of IT network infrastructure with CAT 6e cabelling, Firber cabelling at floor level with Extreame Network Switches, CISCO WAS and migration to Windows Server 2022 infrastructure.

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