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What do you exactly mean by Bespoke?
  • Our services are tailored to the exact needs of our clients in terms of engagement model, scope, resource requirements, technology requirements, etc..
What are your engagement models?
  • The exact configuration depends on the client's location and requirement. However, we provide for on-site, remote (includes on-shore and off-shore), and hybrid (bespoke).
What do you mean by technology agnostic?
  • We focus on the solution and not on a particular brand of technology. We select the technology stack based on KPI's and merits and do not have a blind brand affinity.
How do you price and charge?
  • As a company we want to ensure that all engagements must make the least economic sense for growth and sustainability. We provide very competitive pricing for the value we generate.
How do you ensure constant quality and service levels?
  • All engagements are based on the clearly defined SOP (Standard Operating Procedure). All tools (systems), resourcing, and procedures are derived and measured on the SOP. SOP is regularly reviewed for optimization for continuous improvements.
How do you manage staff turnover?
  • we provide a balanced work-life culture with remuneration, training, and development, and certifications. We genuinely value our employees and treat them with care, empathy, objectivity, and never weaver to call a spade a spade. We actively encourage all our interaction with our staff to be forthright and never penalize them for doing so. This has enabled us to maintain a planned and a managed engagement with them which had helped us to maintain service consistency.
How do you competency consistency across staff?
  • Each staff member is associate with a clear articulation of their scope of work and competencies. Regular gap analyses are carried out to ensure proper competency levels are maintained through training, certification, and on-the-job training with seniors.

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